The All-in-One X7

Fully-automated, high throughput, in-line packaging

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The All-in-One X7

Fully-automated, high throughput, in-line packaging

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What is On Demand Packaging?

Ever wonder why the products you order arrive in an oversized box, filled with peanuts and air pillows? By making the right size box when you need it, Packsize® On Demand Packaging™ ensures that every product can ship in the smallest box possible. Our custom packaging solutions save valuable time, money and the environment.

Use less corrugated

By using smaller boxes, Packsize customers significantly reduce their corrugated cardboard spend.

Minimize void fill

The smallest possible box means there’s a reduced need for unsustainable void fillers, eliminating an average of 50 percent.

Reduce box management

Companies that use our custom product packaging solutions don’t need to worry about managing a large box inventory.

Increase sustainability

Packsize customers improve their carbon footprints, reduce corrugate and filler material, and increase their shipping efficiencies. Our custom product packaging results in fewer trees cut, a lower impact on our landfills, and cleaner air for us all.

A new packaging solution for everyone.

No matter which industry or role you play, Packsize On Demand Packaging provides customized product packaging solutions that include hardware, software, accessories, and consulting and professional services. Packsize will change the way you do business, and put more profit back into your company.

The world’s largest (and smartest) companies are switching to Packsize.

Learn how Staples®, the second largest Ecommerce fulfillment company in the world, saved nearly 40% by making the easy switch to Packsize custom product packaging solutions.

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“This has been a pain point for our customers that we have been able to solve, and we have seen great responses from customers in those places where we have already deployed the [Packsize] system.”

Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics | Staples

“Our new Packize on‐demand system helped us send orders out on a timelier basis, which in turn grows the business.”

Dan Boblit | Co‐owner |

“The Packsize system is amazing in its ability to build exactly what is needed when it is needed.” 

Brian Bowers | Chief Operating Officer | Mity-Lite, Inc

“We’ve noticed that automation is driving our customer base more and more to efficiency models that translate into bottom line pricing for them. So by having Packsize and being able to reduce time, inventory, waste, we’re able to pass that savings onto our customers which then has a net result for them that is a positive on their bottom line.”

Jim Blee | COO | Graphic Tech

“[With Packsize] We don’t have any shipping damage costs at all! None…zero, so that’s a good thing.”

Mark Carlson | Chief Financial Officer | Everett Graphics

“No capital investment was a dream come true for us. From day one, our experience with Packsize has been seamless…they make it very, very easy.”

John Skuchas | Director of Operations | InterMetro

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