Packaging—more than just fun and games.

The big bad challenge: damaged products

Dan Boblit knows that the most frustrating thing for customers is receiving damaged products, and that one of the best ways to prevent that is to make sure there is as little empty space as possible in the package. Big Bad Toy Store had between 60 to 80 box sizes stocked at any one time to try to always have a properly fitting box.


The solution: Stop collecting box sizes like they’re action figures.

After installing Packsize’s On Demand Packaging, Big Bad Toy Store could eliminate its box inventory while creating any box size needed. Significant time savings occurred from no longer having to plan inventory levels, address stock-outs, or manage vendor visits. Most importantly, product damages were greatly reduced.

Packaging—more than just fun and games.

Significantly fewer customer complaints about damaged products

Drastically reduced or completely eliminated void fillers in their packaging

Less box inventory to manage

More capital remaining for other areas of the company

Our new on‐demand system helped us send orders out on a timelier basis, which in turn grows the business.”
Dan Boblit, Co-owner

“We view this [Packsize] as pretty much the perfect solution for expanding our distribution and moving product quickly.”
Myro Klegin

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