Ship your products,
not peanuts

The Problem: Shipping styrofoam across the ocean

Bongo International allows customers to buy products from online retailers anywhere in the world and have it shipped to them in three days. However, its packaging system was not efficient enough to keep up with deliveries. Employees would often have to manually cut a box-to-size when dealing with multiple items. In addition, international shipping costs are high enough that shipping empty space was not sustainable for the company.


The Solution: Packaging that’s music to the ears

After switching to Packsize, Bongo employees went from manually cutting boxes to automatically having boxes created for them. Not only did this increase proper packing methods, but also guaranteed the cheapest international shipping rates to Bongo’s clients.

Shipping doesn't get any sweeter

20-30% savings in packaging costs

Decreased international shipping costs

Reduced reliance on filler material

Reduced labor costs

“Packsize has provided very reliable support and effectively addressed our packaging needs.”
Craig Turnbull, CEO

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