Creating boxes with surgical precision

The Challenge: How many box sizes is enough?

Boston Scientific’s international distribution center was shipping 3,500 boxes containing 28,000 products every day. The company was forced to stock more than 50 different box sizes, yet still couldn’t eliminate all of the empty space that was in its packages.


The Solution: Infinite box sizes!

As Boston Scientific examined its distribution process, its management decided that using the Packsize system to create the smallest possible box would be the best solution. Their greatest concern was packaging quality and avoiding damages. Fortunately, smaller box sizes and Packsize technology contributed to reduced shipping damages for Boston Scientific.

Innovative packaging for a healthy supply chain

Packsize machines are able to directly integrate to Boston Scientific’s Warehouse Management System (WMS).

Huge amount of inventory space cleared by switching to Packsize.

Decreased in shipping damages, void fill and corrugated costs.

“Packsize helped us accomplish our strategic goals by reducing our shipping damages and saving us freight, cardboard, and storage costs.”
Frank Moonen, Director of Operations

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