Hunting for a dimensional weight pricing solution

Hunting for a dimensional weight pricing solution

The Problem: Oversized boxes aren’t viable with dimensional weight pricing

The dimensional weight pricing that took effect at the beginning of 2015 made a big impact for online retailers selling and shipping direct to customers.This was the case for Cabela’s—a leading omni-channel retailer of hunting, fishing, camping, and related outdoor merchandise.

“Cabela’s ships a huge variety of order sizes,” said Operations Director Tim Roberts. “Prior to Packsize, we stocked 34 box sizes at each of our 60 pack stations. It was a complex packaging operation that required a higher level of training.” Yet even that many box sizes wasn’t enough to prevent dimensional weight charges from putting a squeeze on their shipping costs.

The Solution: On Demand Packaging® tips Cabela’s value scale

UPS®, a longstanding carrier of Cabela’s products, pointed Cabela’s towards Packsize’s On Demand Packaging® as a way to cut dimensional weight charges. In addition to reducing box sizes and shipping costs, Packsize streamlined Cabela’s complicated pack stations.

Tim Roberts notes, “With On Demand Packaging® in place, we reduced our staff training by two weeks and our workforce by 11 full-time employees during the past holiday season.”

You don't have to hunt to find savings like these

30% increase in overall productivity

22% reduction in box size

30% reduction in training hours

The bottom line? A better bottom line.

“Cabela’s customers now receive exactly what they ordered in the right-sized box, streamlining the process, reducing cost, and improving the customer experience.”

Michael Cannizzo, UPS Vice President of Customer Solutions

“With On Demand Packaging®, we reduced the cost of materials, streamlined labor, and achieved a greater percentage in our freight savings than originally estimated.”

Tim Roberts, Cabela’s Operations Director

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