Packaging that puts you in the fast lane

The Challenge: A sluggish and expensive box inventory

For more than 20 years, Central Carolina Products (CCP) relied on a traditional store-and-retrieve box inventory system to ship custom auto parts and other injection molded products. Rising packaging costs pushed CCP’s management to search out something new. They wanted to resolve inventory obsolescence due to bulk orders, and to become more responsive to customers. CCP found that receiving box vendor quotes and orders added several days to its lead time—something that’s unacceptable in the automotive industry.

The Solution: Custom boxes that put CCP in the fast lane

With Packsize box making machine, CCP now has complete control over its entire packaging system. Instead of using one box size to package 100 different-sized parts, CCP can create 100 custom boxes for 100 different parts at no extra cost and with no additional lead time. No matter how many box sizes CCP needs, Packsize On Demand Packaging® is able to provide all of them without significantly increasing its corrugated cardboard inventory.

Kick it into gear with On Demand Packaging®

Saved about $100,000 a year in packaging costs

Decreased lead time by over 75%

Decreased box inventory by half

“With Packsize we have saved about $100,000 a year. I like the way that we’re able to make our own boxes with the Packsize machine. We control how many boxes we have. We can control the size of box to what we want. I just like everything Packsize has to offer.”

Lisa Gaddy, Purchasing Manager

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