Packaging shouldn’t be stuck in the stone age

Packaging shouldn’t be stuck in the stone age

The Challenge: Using an ancient packaging system

Graphic Tech is the leading Southern California-based full service printing firm with the capability to produce 10,000 full-color, large format prints per day. The firm is on the cutting-edge of printing technology, but it’s reliance on buying hundreds of different box sizes was anything but.


The Solution: Packaging that’s just as advanced as the printing

Quick to recognize advances in his industry, COO Jim Blee realized that analog printing was to box inventory as digital printing was to On Demand Packaging®, a lean packaging system for businesses with complex corrugated packaging needs. In 2011, the company installed an EM 6-50 to produce a unique shipping box for every order.

Packsize: Like a printer for boxes

Boxes are printed only when needed. Zero obsolescence.

Eliminated product damage.

Cutting-edge shipping logistics.

“By partnering with Packsize, we can make the shipping boxes—even for our large format orders—as the customer’s order is printed, translating to a right-sized box at the exact time it is needed, and no overruns left to gather dust.”
Jim Blee, COO

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