Sometimes, complex packaging requires a simple solution

The Challenge: Too many boxes, too much inventory

“Our industry requires very fast turnaround times. We want to be responsive, and that means being able to react to requirements that may change after an initial order is placed.” While shipping between 500 and 1,000 boxes each day, the company’s carton requirements change daily as well. This obviously led to a lot of unused inventory with a traditional packaging system.


The Solution: On Demand Packaging® simplifying the whole process

In 2013, Holland & Crosby adopted Packsize On Demand Packaging®. The company brought carton production in-house to make boxes in the exact size and quantities needed by installing a Packsize EM7-25 automated packaging machine. This immediately improved response times, measurably reduced shipping costs by doing away with rush charges, and eliminated box outsourcing altogether.

On demand printing deserves On Demand Packaging®

Decreased packing and shipping waste as well as corrugated supply by 15 percent.

Measurably reduced shipping costs by eliminating rush charges.

Right-sized cartons ensure customer’s displays arrive undamaged.

Eliminated stress of purchasing cartons for unpredictable projects.

“The Packsize equipment improved our packaging process significantly. We are now able to provide the turnaround service our clients require.”
Max West, Operations Manager

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