Where one size
never fits all

The Challenge: Unique packaging that’s also sustainable

Mack Molding is a designated Environmental Leader in Vermont, and a leading manufacturing company. Every product shipped is unique and therefore requires unique packaging. In a recent revamp of its corrugated packaging, Mack Molding set a goal to reduce its packaging costs by 20 percent.


The Solution: Minimize box inventory and maximize recycling

Packsize allowed Mack Molding to make its boxes just in time, eliminating its large box inventory and reducing the overall corrugated usage. After adding a bailer to its facility, Mack Molding now recycles 100 percent of all the corrugated cardboard that leaves its facility.

Incredible packaging savings

Annual corrugated recycling went from 45,000 to 270,000 lbs.

Eliminated 250 box SKUs

Streamlined packaging operations

Improved packaging time

“Now we can produce exactly what our production needs require.”
Bryan Campbell, Headquarters Plant Mgr.

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