Saving money.
That was easy.

Saving money.
That was easy.

The Problem: Customers don’t like wasteful packaging

Staples’ number one customer complaint used to be the wasteful amount of packaging they shipped their products in. Looking for solutions, Staples set a goal to reduce their packaging by 20% by 2020.


The Solution: Smart-size packaging

Staples, in collaboration with Packsize International and its On Demand Packaging® technology, implemented a “Smart-size Packaging Program” in 2012 that produces customized packaging tailored to each order. The result? A better customer experience, improved supply chain sustainability, and efficiency with every shipment.

Saving money... that was easy

Average corrugated usage has dropped over 15%

Void fill usage has been reduced by 60%

Customer satisfaction surveys shows that Smart-size Packaging is meeting customer needs and expectations.

“This has been a pain point for our customers that we have been able to solve, and we have seen great responses from customers in those places where we have already deployed the [Packsize] system. Many times when you make investments in your supply chain, you are competing for capital with other parts of the company. This is one of the few times where the business unit heads are pushing the supply chain to implement the solution faster because it’s been such a win-win for everybody.”
Don Ralph, Senior Vice President of Supply Chain & Logistics

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