On Demand Packaging Manufacturer Manifests Culture of Packaging Innovation through “Packsize Global Modular Architecture”

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WARRIEWOOD, Australia — February 26, 2018 — Packsize today announced a new engineering platform and packaging architecture that outlines the scope and intent of its future On Demand Packaging® systems. At its core, Packsize Global Modular Architecture is about delivering to customers ever-better, complete, and scalable packaging ecosystems.

“Our aim is to make Packsize’s manufacturing more flexible and responsive to changes in the marketplace, which in turn gives customers greater opportunity to grow their business,” said Packsize CEO Hanko Kiessner. “Packsize GMA represents our commitment, partnership, and active engagement with customers across distribution and production marketplaces alike who confront an ever-accelerating pace of change in their material handling operations and supply chains.”

Packsize Global Modular Architecture includes five tenets:

  • Flexibility
  • Core Strength
  • Speed
  • Sustainability
  • Smart Approach

Flexibility will lead to corrugated packaging advances in customer facilities as well as savings that Packsize will reinvest in future technologies,” said John Alpine, Packsize Global Vice President, R&D and Product Development. “The common platform architecture now delivers a modular and rapid approach to machine development.”

For customers, this will mean they are up and running quicker with lower costs thanks to simplified installation and maintenance and reduced need for spare parts.

The platform’s alignment with “core strength” is expressed through improvements to basic performance of its core, which will raise efficiencies and operational outcomes across all machine ecosystems.

Speed” refers to the Packsize GMA platform’s rapid response to dynamic market changes, which is now integrated into all Packsize global manufacturing sites.

“As new industries move to On Demand Packaging® with a range of varied packaging needs, Packsize GMA gives us the agility to respond in a fraction of the time,” said Alpine.

Packsize’s “sustainability” pledge, Smart Packaging for a Healthy Planet® is much more than a focus on “the box.” This company hallmark centers on addressing increased demand for sustainable formats and practices. Packsize helps customers in resource-consuming industries find responsible methods through proven solutions that also make it possible for their customers to simply enjoy the experience of receiving the delivered package.

Smart approach” represents Packsize’s continued commitment to “decade-ahead thinking” that goes beyond capturing customer imagination by preparing them for the fourth industrial revolution. Packsize GMA will challenge assumptions while transforming the customer’s packaging environment and entire supply chain through the smart application of digitization, the Internet of Things (IoT), and real-world technologies that deliver actual economic value.

Packsize Global Modular Architecture sets the stage for the company’s product announcements that will occur progressively throughout 2018. The company’s M-Series machine line and accessories will be among the first release candidates. The new Packsize GMA system will represent a ready-for-anything packaging state from the leading manufacturing engineers of On Demand Packaging® systems, software, and solutions.

To learn more about On Demand Packaging®, visit Packsize Propriety Limited, at the Retail Fulfilment Summit from February 26 to 28, 2018 at the Pullman Melbourne Albert Park in booth 28. Contact us at info.apac@packsize.com or call +61-2-9997-5830.

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