On Demand Packaging™ is changing the world

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The old way

These days, everything is on demand. Your television shows can be watched over the course of a year or over a weekend. Banking can be done on your phone. Dinner reservations can be made without ever picking up the phone.

So why is packaging so firmly stuck in the past?

Ordering a set number of box sizes for your business is clumsy and inefficient. The empty space in your packages is actually filled with potential profits.

The new way

On Demand Packaging is a sustainability concept that applies to custom box-making to replace box inventories and the shipping of right-sized boxes, in both production and distribution packing environments. Packsize On Demand Packaging solutions right-size boxes for any order, and include an expert mix of machinery, software, accessories, consumables, and services.

With Packsize On Demand Packaging™ you receive a box making machine, that gives you the power to create a box in any size you need and at exactly the time you need it.

11 ways to save with Packsize

By using the On Demand Packaging system, companies eliminate all the empty space inside their packaging. On demand packages means less corrugated, less void filler, and a smaller impact on the environment.

Use less corrugated
By using smaller boxes, on demand packaging users significantly reduce their corrugated cardboard spend.

Minimize void fill
The smallest possible box means there’s a reduced need for unsustainable void fillers, eliminating up to 50 percent used.

Reduce box management
Companies that use packaging on demand don’t need to worry about managing a large box inventory.

Optimize warehouse space
By eliminating a large box inventory, companies are able to free up valuable warehouse space. Store products instead of boxes.

Reduce labor
In some cases, fewer employees are needed to achieve a faster cycle time when using On Demand Packaging.

Reduce infrastructure
Right-sized boxes mean you get more bang for your buck from existing infrastructure. More boxes can fit in a truck, a conveyor, or any other part of your supply chain.

Increase throughput
When companies are able to create any sized box at any time, orders can be turned around quicker by eliminating box size guesswork.

Minimize damages
Damages to your products often occur when they jostle around inside the carton. Eliminating that empty space has been proven to greatly reduce damages.

Reduce shipping costs
Major shipping companies charge for packages based on weight and size; it’s more important than ever to minimize your box sizes.

Increase sustainability
Packsize customers use less corrugated and filler material, while also improving their shipping activities. This results in less trees cut, less landfills filled, and cleaner air for us all.

Increase customer satisfaction
Your customers don’t want to have to throw away oversized boxes and the copious amounts of void filler sent with them. Smaller boxes reduce damages and improve your customers’ brand experience.

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