Consumables—Labels, Tape, Glue & more

Packsize offers glue, labels, tape, and protective packaging.

  • Glue: The right-sized flat box created by a Packsize machine includes a glue flap of varying types depending on the box design. Securing this glue flap is an essential part of the box-making process and is typically done with a hot melt adhesive. Hot melt adhesive applied directly to box flaps creates a strong, rigid bond which helps ensure the box remains intact and sturdy at all times.
  • Tape: The next step of the packaging process includes sealing the box for final shipment. This is accomplished using two different types of tape (acrylic and water activated).
  • Labels: In many cases customers require labels to be placed on their cartons. These labels can be used for LPN identifiers, shipping info, or dimensional data. We offer our customers direct thermal labels in two different sizes: 4” x 2” and 4” x 6”. Both can be ordered with a 1” or 3” core. The advantage of direct thermal is that it does not require the additional expense of a ribbon and most label printers can support direct printing.

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