Every increase in parcel shipping costs, such as with DIM weighing programs, makes automated packaging equipment a more attractive investment. PackNet.Server® production and optimization software works in conjunction with PackNet.Cube® to produce the correct box size to match the order. Shipping costs are minimized through several cube optimization capabilities.

PackNet.Cube® cartonization software maximizes the full potential of On Demand Packaging®. PackNet.Cube® uses a patent-pending complex algorithm to analyze order component placement combinations to produce the most optimally sized box.

If there ever was a reason needed to justify the investment and time required to optimize your packaging process, the new shipping pricing structures make the effort worthwhile. Look to PackNet.Cube® to deliver the smallest possible box via an endless number of box options, while also saving on void filler, obsolete box inventory, warehouse space, corrugated waste, and shipping costs.


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