ProMat and X4 Wrap-up

We had a fairly eventful week at ProMat. If you somehow missed the numerous reminders on the front page and the banner ads elsewhere, we’d like to invite you to checkout our new machine—the X4™.

The X4 is a pretty big deal for us. Because it can cut, fold, apply a shipping label, and glue the flap, it’s essentially four machines in one. Previous Packsize machines could only cut and crease boxes, so these new innovations help operators create boxes much quicker. The X4 also simultaneously handles four z-Fold® infeeds and has a very small footprint for all that it can do.

There’s a lot of new stuff on the X4 to digest, so here’s a log of all the new content we’ve added:

X4 pre- and post-announcement press releases. The buzz around the X4 started with our Solve for X at ProMat press release. By a stroke of providence, “Solve for X” was ProMat’s theme for the show this year. We teased the X4 with this pre-show press release, and we formally announced it with this release after our ProMat press conference.

X4 30-second ad. This is probably the slickest ad Packsize has ever produced. As the next evolution in On Demand Packaging®, the X4 is four machines in one.


X4 Product page. If you’re looking for all the available information on the X4, this is the page for you. The X4 can produce a box in 12 seconds. That’s a phenomenal feat considering the machine’s small size. If you’re interested in learning more about the X4’s specifications, contact us by filling out this form.

DecoPac case study. DecoPac was one of our first customers to test run the X4. As a company that doubled their fulfillment volume in 18 months; they were looking for a way to improve their efficiency without hiring large numbers of people. This page shows how the X4 helped solve that problem.

DecoPac case study video. This video goes more in-depth on the X4 and DecoPac’s business. It also shows a lot of footage of the X4 in action. This is one case study video you don’t want to miss!

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