Smart Packaging for Smart Executives.

Packsize® can help your company experience the growth you’re looking for and streamline your processes.

Work Toward Sustained Growth

At Packsize®, we’re always trying to think like a CEO, which means increasing efficiency across the board. Traditional packaging involves the use of sizable supply chains that cost your company more money and make inefficient use of your time. On Demand Packaging® drives increased functionality and sustainability by reducing costs and generating additional earnings for your company.

Limit Your Financial Risk

When you adopt On Demand Packaging®, Packsize® shoulders the bulk of the financial risk—not you. Instead, you will realize immediate packaging savings that will further enhance profits and increase your borrowing capacity.

Improve Your Customer Satisfaction

No one appreciates receiving a package filled with packing peanuts and air pillows. When a customer gets a poorly packaged item, it says something about your brand. With Packsize®, you can show that your company cares about every part of the customer’s brand experience.

Enhance Your Company’s Value

If your company adopts On Demand Packaging®, you’ll experience cost savings, which can then be multiplied by your WACC to enhance the value of your company.

Be a Good Corporate Citizen

Our CEO, Hanko Kiessner, once said, “I wanted to build a successful company that didn’t wreck the planet.” Packsize® is committed to helping our customers reduce their environmental footprint through the use of more efficient, less wasteful packaging processes.

Don’t take our word for it. See how they saved.

“Packsize has provided very reliable onsite support and has addressed our packaging needs cost effectively.”

– Craig Turnbull, CEO, Bongo International

Grow Your Company with Packsize.