Imagining (and Realizing) the Savings You Need

If your company needs to reduce packaging and shipping costs, Packsize® will help you achieve your dreams.

Cut Costly Operations

As a CFO, you’re likely looking to increase profits through smart cost cutting. Packsize® is here to help, because our goals are the same as yours: use less packaging and filler material, ship products more efficiently, and reduce dimensional weight charges.

Turn Your Dreams Into Reality

Most companies can imagine what it might be like to save money, waste less warehouse space, operate as leanly as possible, and find a partnership that works to sustain your business. Packsize® is that company, and we’ll help you get what you’ve always wanted.

Sending Savings Straight to Your Bottom Line

Adopting On Demand Packaging® can help you put your business on the cutting edge. We reduce the volume of packaging used, reduce carbon emissions, lean out your supply chain, and cut down on dimensional weight charges—and you enjoy the savings.

Helping You Improve the Value of Your Company

The conservation of resources, improved cash flow, and high WACC multiples obtained through the use of On Demand Packaging® can enhance the value of your company. We want to help you create that added value.

Box Creation That Meets Your Needs

You have a choice: either continue ordering boxes from outside vendors or start making your own. Packsize® can help you design a solution to your company’s packaging needs that will have you look forward, rather than back.

Don’t take our word for it. See how they saved.

“[With Packsize] We don’t have any shipping damage costs at all! None…zero, so that’s a good thing.”

– Mark Carlson Chief Financial Officer Everett Graphics

Partner with Packsize to discover hidden savings.