Smoother Processes for a Stronger Organization.

If your company is looking to establish a lean packaging process, it’s time to team up with Packsize®.

Build a Long-term Partnership

As COO of your organization, you want to establish relationships that add long-term value to your company. Packsize® creates the kind of partnership you’re looking for by providing long-lasting value to companies just like yours.

Gain Control Over Your Process

By teaming with Packsize, your company takes over the process of making its own boxes. Our partners report substantial drops in overall usage thanks to elimination of void fill, reduced dimensional weight charges, and fewer customer complaints due to damaged products. Your packaging production will grow more efficient and most cost-effective.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Have you noticed packaging and shipping inefficiencies in your process? We’ll always help you identify problem areas before suggesting solutions. There’s no one-size-fits-all approach with Packsize®.

Partner With Our Expert Team

Gain from our expertise; leverage our talent. Because we understand how our systems can be integrated into your processes, our team can do a lot for yours. Let us help you and your organization.

Embrace Change That Gets Results

Making changes to your established processes can be unsettling. But if our existing customers are any indication, our approach can help you cut costs, increase productivity, eliminate wasteful practices, and develop a leaner and more sustainable packaging supply chain.

Don’t take our word for it. See how they saved.

“We’ve noticed that automation is driving our customer base more and more to efficiency models that translate into bottom line pricing for them. So by having Packsize and being able to reduce time, inventory, waste, we’re able to pass that savings onto our customers which then has a net result for them that is a positive on their bottom line.”

– Jim Blee, COO, Graphic Tech

Develop a Leaner Process Today with Packsize.