Custom Printed Boxes

Send a powerful branding message where your customers least expect it.

Promote your brand with Packsize’s custom printed boxes.

Say goodbye to those plain, boring, brown cardboard boxes and hello to beautiful custom printed boxes. With Packsize’s custom printed boxes, you can add personality to your packaging, while increasing brand visibility and awareness.

Utilize your packaging to showcase your brand name and logo

Packsize’s custom printed boxes use random repeat printing to display a repeat image of your brand name and logo. Before the corrugated cardboard is cut into boxes, your logo and colors are printed onto the cardboard so that they’re beautifully displayed on every side of the box. This process requires minimal work for your staff and provides a unique opening experience for your customers. To make the experience even more exciting, you can choose to use random repeat printing on the inside of your packaging as well.

Branding opportunities don’t stop there.

Along with custom printed boxes, you can promote your brand with custom printed tape. Simple to order and easy to use, custom printed tape can effortlessly transform any ordinary box into an attractive and branded package. Our custom printing can also include a QR code, special offers, promo codes, web addresses, and coupon codes—basically anything that can be printed.

Promote Your Brand

Printed corrugated cardboard in a right-sized box tells your customers that you care about every stage of their brand experience.

Works With Any Box Size

Random repeat printing + ®”> On Demand Packaging® = the ability to create any box size, style, or shape with your logo on it.

Differentiate Your Packages

Plain brown boxes are so mainstream. Stand out from the crowd and let your customers know that package came from you with custom printed boxes from Packsize®!

These businesses benefit from Packsize® Custom Printed Boxes. How can yours?

Reinforce Brand Awareness with Packsize.