The Perfect Packaging Design Is Here.

If you’ve been trying to simplify your organization’s packaging process, Packsize® gives you the perfect designs.

Discover the Future of Packaging

If you’re a packaging engineer, you’ve likely been dreaming of the perfect packaging solution for a long time. Now, that solution is here: On Demand Packaging® from Packsize®, a leaner, more cost-effective approach to packaging your products.

Your Vision in an Instant

On Demand Packaging® gives you the tools needed to create your own right-sized box designs, upload them using our software and get the product you need in real time. No more waiting for imperfect boxes from your suppliers.

We’ll Adapt to Your Needs

Packsize® serves clients in numerous industries with custom box designs. We’ll never push a generic, one-size-fits-all approach on you and your business. Instead, we’ll partner with your team to achieve the designs you need.

Constant Innovation

Packsize® is committed to developing quality systems, which is why we rely on our own team to design and perfect our machines and software. When you have an idea, we will work with you to create new and better systems.

Improving the Design Process Through Collaboration

When it comes to design processes, Packsize® provides a high-level of collaboration to improve your organization’s efficiency. What would you like to do differently? We’d like to partner with you to create the changes you seek.

Don’t take our word for it. See how they saved.

“The Packsize system is amazing in its ability to build exactly what is needed when it is needed.”  

Brian Bowers Chief Operating Officer Mity‐Lite, Inc



Realize Your Wildest Design Dreams with Packsize.