Welcome to Enhanced Production.

If your organization is tired of ordering boxes and wasting resources, consider your options with Packsize®.

A Breakthrough in Product Movement

For production managers, the goal of getting products from point A to point B comes first. Developing a packaging system that helps you achieve that goal more efficiently is Packsize’s mission.

Reduce Your Box Inventory

With On Demand Packaging®, you can say goodbye to wasted warehouse space and boxes you’ll never use. Make your packaging and shipping process much more efficient by designing and making your own boxes when you need them.

Eliminate Wasted Space and Wasted Time

With Packsize, our customers can use two or three bales of z-Fold™ corrugated material to make an infinite combination of box sizes and styles right as they are needed. No more waiting for a box delivery to hold up your orders.

Say Goodbye to the Status Quo

On Demand Packaging® will change how your company packages and ships its products. Push a button or scan a barcode and see the right-sized box in real time—and then watch your productivity soar.

We’ll Work With You and For You

Packsize approaches its partnerships as true collaborative efforts. We’ll listen to your needs and help you design appropriate solutions, and we’ll never try to apply a generic model to your business.

These customers have enhanced production—courtesy of Packsize.

“Now we can produce exactly what our production needs require.”

– Bryan Campbell Headquarters Plant Mgr. Mack Molding Co.

Packsize Will Change the Way You Think About Production.