Calculate Dimensional Weight Charges

DIM charges have increased shipping costs by 30%. How can you reduce that?

In 2015, major shipping companies started charging dimensional weight pricing on all packages. Now packages smaller than 3 cubic feet are subject to dimensional weight pricing (also known as DIM charges or DIM pricing), resulting in increased shipping costs. It is more important than ever to gain full control of your shipping process and minimize these charges.

How Can You Avoid Huge Dimensional Weight Charges?

Dimensional weight pricing has likely had a drastic impact on your shipping prices. To lessen your shipping costs under DIM pricing, you need to eliminate empty space from your packaging. Packsize studies have found the average package contains about 40% wasted space. This empty space leads to pricey DIM charges.

Packsize On Demand Packaging®

With Packsize On Demand Packaging®, you can create custom-sized boxes specifically for the items you are shipping. By using the smallest possible box, you can minimize the amount of corrugated and filler material and reduce dimensional weight charges, all while improving customer satisfaction. Packsize On Demand Packaging® cuts box volume by average of 40%, as well as helps you save valuable warehouse space, reduce your environmental impact, and eliminate the risk of product damage due to box size. To learn more about how you can save with Packsize On Demand Packaging®, download our Whitepaper below, and please contact us with any questions you may have.

Calculate Your DIM Weight Prices

Get the dimensional weight of your package and know if you'll be charged by the dimensional weight.

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